Free Social Media Icons for Your Website

Would you like to connect your website visitors to your social media pages? Attractive and eye catching icons can help get attention of your website visitors and are more likely to get clicked.

Not everyone is skilled at graphic design and the same goes for me. For quite sometime I have been looking for a social media icon solution to share with my clients and readers. Today I came across a few resources that are definitely worth sharing. Here are a few reasons why all these sets are totally awesome:

  1. They are free for personal or commercial use. You are not allowed to sell or redistribute and a link back is appreciated.
  2. They come in various sizes.
  3. Some even have PSD files making the icons completely customizable.
  4. They are very creatively designed and versatile.
  5. Most are in PNG format with transparent edges.
  6. These icons sets can suit any business website. Take a look and see for yourself.

The following sets are corporate looking, but not in a boring way. On the contrary, they are pretty cool! I have placed individual icons on the page to give you a better idea of how they will look. To view the complete set, please click on the designer’s link given above each set.

Icon Set by Blog Perfume

Icon Set by Elma Studio

Icon Set by Ar-Bent-ing

Icon Set by Elegant Themes

Icon Set by Kadom

Icon Set by Mulletized

Blog posts coming soon on the following social media icon themes:

  • Fun and Funky
  • 3D
  • Green
  • Single Colour
  • Textured

If you would like to get help for adding social media icons to your website please contact me and I will be happy to help.

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158 Responses to “Free Social Media Icons for Your Website”


RAAB says:

Nice Icon sets. I may use one for my website.


Erum Zehra says:

My most favorite is the one from Elegant Themes :)


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